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Chang Wufei (OU)
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Character: Chang Wufei
Series/Fandom: Gundam Wing
Original or Alternate: Original
Age: 17 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human Newtype
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Height: 168cm (~5'6") Weight: 52kg (~121 lbs.)

A healthy, extremely fit young man of obvious Chinese descent. Wufei's heritage shows in his strong facial features, black eyes, and fine, straight black hair which reaches his shoulders when unbound, which he normally wears pulled back in a small tail at the base of his skull. Wufei usually wears t-shirts, jeans, and boots that are easy to move and run in, topped off by his Preventer jacket. When not on duty, he sometimes wears traditional Chinese clothing in the style favored by his clan: long white tunic over a dark blue sleeveless shirt, white trousers, black wristbands, and thin black shoes. He is mildly farsighted and sometimes wears reading glasses.


Wufei is a determined, driven young man with a reputation for being overserious. Where once there existed only cynicism, and a relentless need to reshape the world or die trying, now there is hope. Wufei is a soldier who no longer has a war to fight, and that is exactly the way he prefers it to be. Coming to terms with this was an experience which wrought great changes in the young man, and he takes great satisfaction in his current duties and in the fact that he is not, in fact, obsolete.

Both as a scholar who preferred the company of his texts to people and who found the idea of fighting to be a pointless exercise in futility, and as a brash warrior intent upon training himself to the utmost and obsessed with the strength of the justice he fought for, Wufei was hopeless when forced to interact with others in a social manner. Since joining the Preventers peacekeeping force, Wufei has been working to become more open, actively seeking out those he sees as his comrades, but he is often still withdrawn and shy when faced with unexpected or unfamiliar people. Wufei is uneasy in group situations where he does not have a definite purpose to fulfill; when caught in one, he will either craft a goal for himself, or fade into the background.

Despite his emotional and social disabilities, the influence of his fellow Preventers upon him has been tremendously positive, and though Wufei retains his acerbic tongue and blunt, straightforward attitude, the past months have tempered him and helped him to mature. With a new goal to work towards, and a new sense of purpose and comradeship, he is mostly content with how his life is progressing. He enjoys spending time with those he considers to be his friends, a circle which is steadily widening as time passes, and has a tendency to show his ease with people by exhibiting his growing sense of humor, a habit which occasionally backfires on him.

No matter what changes he undergoes as he grows and matures, Wufei's pride, honor, sense of duty, and complete devotion to his ideals and those who embody those ideals remain the cornerstones of his character.

Wufei believes that he is happier now than he has ever been before.


A master martial artist, Wufei is the last surviving member of the Long Clan, a warrior family whose strength was considered so great that they were feared by the Chinese government and exiled to the colonies. He has in the past bested the greatest member of his clan in battle, and it is in hand-to-hand combat that he excels, though he is quite fond of swordfighting. This expertise also extends to his abilities at piloting and fighting in his Gundam, and though he no longer has possession of his mobile suit, he is still impressive at the controls of almost any form of mechanical transport or weapon.

While Wufei is a Newtype, any enhanced facilities beyond his physical strength and his formidable intelligence are mild at best, having manifested only in an instinctive ability to sense hostile intentions which allow him to swiftly identify his enemies and make split-second decisions to attack without hesitation or mercy.


Wufei's lack of experience with people sometimes leads him to badly misread situations, and when this happens, his actions almost invariably result in the exact opposite of what he intended. At his worst, Wufei can be a pigheaded boor. When his pride is injured or his honor intentionally slurred, rational thinking has a habit of flying directly out the window. He is easily capable of willfully blinding himself to reason, and when stressed, he reverts to his old bad habits of paranoia, stubbornness, and refusal to listen to anything anyone else has to say. He tends to see things in black and white and this can cause excessive friction between himself and others at times.

Wufei can still sometimes be dangerously overconfident of himself and his abilities, and will, when riled up, refuse outside help even when he is in a dire situation. He detests dissembling, and hates to take the roundabout method when he could bludgeon his way through instead. Pathologically obsessed with the concept of strength and how it relates to the concept of justice, failure in his duties to these ideals (real or perceived) can result in deep depression. He is prone to occasional fits of malicious temper which manifest in self-sabotage of his more fragile relationships as he manages to alienate and infuriate both ally and enemy alike with his bluntness and insensitivity.

Wufei is always his own worst enemy, which is why he tends to work with several Preventers he is familiar with who are capable of kicking his metaphorical ass when he gets off track. This is in itself also a weakness, as this has caused a dependency in him to expect his 'buffer' partner to be there to help him deal with difficult situations outside the realm of his experience. The dependency he once had on Nataku as his greatest strength and support has transferred itself to the Preventer organization which has become not just his new job, but his calling.

[Notable Possessions]

In the past, Wufei would have said that Nataku, the Altron Gundam, was his most cherished "possession" -- though certainly it was more that she owned him than he owned her. Now that Wufei has laid Nataku's spirit to rest and destroyed the Altron Gundam, the possessions he considers of most worth are his Preventer jacket and badge, and his dao, the ancestral sword he has carried with him since his descent to Earth during Operation Meteor. He carries a small semiautomatic pistol in a shoulder holster beneath his jacket at all times, but considers it to be a utilitarian weapon, easily replaced or discarded and holding no sentimental value. (Wufei does not arrive in Econtra in possession of either weapon, but will likely soon seek replacements for both.)

[History Pre-Econtra]

Descendant of an ancient Chinese warrior clan exiled to the colonies by a government that feared its strength, Wufei was raised as both a warrior and a scholar. Married at the age of fourteen to Meilan, heir to the Long clan, Wufei rebelled against her desire that he be a fighter, preferring to pursue scholarship, finding her need to fight for an undefined justice to be pointless. However, when the United Earth Sphere Alliance military condemned the decrepit colony that the Long clan called home, sending both biological weapons and mobile suits to 'disinfect' the colony of its unsavory elements, Wufei found himself piloting the unfinished Shenlong Gundam to assist his wife, who had chosen to defend the colony herself. After Meilan's death from injuries received while protecting him during the battle, Wufei swore to uphold her ideal of justice, vowing that he would fight to change the world, with her spirit looking over him from the Gundam she had given her life to protect.

Determined to fight alone, after his refusal to allow the completed Shenlong, which he now called Nataku after the name Meilan had chosen for herself, to be used to drop his own colony onto the Earth as part of Operation Meteor, Wufei descended to Earth along with the other Gundam pilots. He took part in a number of solo raids and attacks upon the OZ forces until the day that he finally came into contact with the other four Gundam pilots during their mistaken attack upon the peace-seeking Alliance heads. After lecturing and berating them for their gullibility, Wufei attempted to kill Treize Khushrenada, but lost to the OZ leader after accepting his offer of an honorable duel. His pride and confidence crushed, Wufei spent two months ignoring his orders and struggling with his inability to ask Nataku for the use of Shenlong's strength when he himself was so weak.

Recovering his confidence in his cause after he found himself inadvertently assisting a group of rebels battling the Alliance forces in former China, Wufei left to space along with the other Gundam pilots when the colonies allowed themselves to be seduced by OZ's offers of peace and assistance. Fighting on his own once more, Wufei allows himself to be captured in the damaged Shenlong, gambling that OZ would choose to keep him alive. After several weeks spent captive along with several other Gundam pilots, Wufei escaped with the nearly-completed upgraded Shenlong, now named Altron -- a change which meant nothing to Wufei, as he continued to call the mobile suit Nataku.

Wufei spent two months hiding Nataku at his home colony, training himself to prepare for fighting with Nataku again, before the OZ forces discovered. When OZ attempted to use the colony against Wufei to hinder his ability to fight, the elders of the Long clan chose to self-destruct the colony rather than allow themselves to be used in such a way. Horrified, Wufei declared his own personal war upon all fools who dared to bring weapons into space -- no matter who the fool was wielding such weapons. He refused several entreaties from those stationed at the Peacemillion, but it was not until the Altron Gundam was nearly destroyed, unable to move or fight, that he consented to joining his fellow Gundam pilots at the giant spaceship and then took part in what would later be termed the Eve Wars, the last great battles which resulted in the destruction of nearly all of the world's weapons, and the World Nation and the colonies declaring peace with each other at last. This victory was for Wufei a hollow one, because though he had at last succeeded in killing his old nemesis Treize, it was only because the other man had allowed himself to be killed.

Wufei spent the following year of uneasy peace attempting to find his own center, unable to accept the peace that had come about because of Treize's machinations. He allowed himself to be drawn into several schemes for rebellion against the newly-founded Earth Sphere Unified Nation, primarily so that he could observe the reactions of the world. It was in this manner that he allowed Treize's daughter, Mariemaia Khushrenada, to seduce him to her cause. It was during her takeover of the newly-established Earth Sphere Unified Nation, and his long battle against his fellow Gundam pilots, chief among them Heero Yuy, that he finally was able to realize his own peace, and see that humanity was willing to fight for it rather than allow it to be handed to them. Finally laying the ghosts of both Treize Khushrenada and Nataku to rest, Wufei self-destructed the Altron Gundam. Possessing no home, no family, and an excess of skills useful only for the waging of war -- or the preventing of it -- he easily accepted Sally Po's invitation that he become a protector of the world.

Now, with the anniversary of the Eve Wars fast approaching, nearly a year after the Mariemaia Incident, Wufei has comfortably settled into his role as a member of the ESUN Preventer peacekeeping force.


Housing: Ci-Tria
Roommates: N/A

Allies: Duo Maxwell (AU), Duo Maxwell (OU), Heero Yuy (OU), Quatre Raberba Winner (AU), Quatre Raberba Winner (OU), Relena Darlian (OU)

Enemies: Harth Fray (OU)

Persons of Interest: Aligoté (AU!Kir), Chang Wufei (AU), Inara Serra (OU), Maria Traydor (AU), Melaka Fray (OU), Relena Darlian (AU), Tomo (AU), Trowa Barton (AU), Yuriy Ivanov (AU)


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